Why Wait?

by Bridge Under Fire

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released May 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Bridge Under Fire Syracuse, New York


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Track Name: Brendan Won't Let Me Call This Song 'Endless Mike'
I’m overwhelmed
And its starting to show
Life is work and
there’s more to go
And its all a blur to me
In between breaths
And trying to sleep
I’m losing it all
When will it end?
I’m ready to walk away
And say I’m never coming back here again

No more
I’ve changed my mind
Is this even what I want to do?
No more
I’ve changed my mind
Its nothing like I thought it would be

I’m going through the motions
Of what I’ve learned
Forget burning the candle
Its been burned
And nothing’s left
The tank is dry
We’re running on fumes to stay alive
What are my reasons?
Is it all a lie
When you come to the point
where you’re phoning it in
Why bother to try?

I’ve given all I can
Is it even worth anything?
What’s it all for?
Maybe I’ll just end up here again

Give me some more
Keep me awake
Time is slipping away its all I need
Track Name: Clayton's Song
Can I say that sometimes I just got to go
Can I say that I just have to get out of this town
All this pressure, and weather, its starting to take its toll
It never gets better, I’ve put my life on hold

I know, its not how you thought this would turn out
I know, you’re supposed to have it figured out by now
You’re getting older everyday
You’re making up for time as it slips away

If only for a while
If only for one more day
I have a safety plan that I never hope to use
I’m planning for my great escape

Keep your chin up
You’re still breathing
Just know they can never
take that away form you
Track Name: Maximum Overtroll
Who put these points on a map
So far away
Who’s laughing now with time
I still can’t say
What’s the point of all this
Where can we go
What’s the point of all this
I’ll never know

We both know how this ends
We’ve seen this film a million times
Before the credits roll
The actors still reread their lines
Do you believe in our story
Or are we just falling back
On what’s unresolved

Can this really happen
Are we both stringing ourselves along
You’ve got your life in progress
And mine’s still moving when you’re gone
What’s the point of all this
Are we saying what we want to hear
What’s the point of all this
There’s a permanent wrench thrown in our gears

I never thought it would be like this
I never knew
Track Name: Do Youuuuu?
Every other word, Is something about how much you
Hate this place and want to get out
I don’t want to read it, I don’t want to hear it,
And you just won’t let it go
Do you ever think, its not that bad out?
(do you ever think its not that bad out?)
I can think of anyone who would trade places

Get over yourself
So stay away
from here
Don’t ever
come home again
I don’t want
to hear how much you never need this place

and I’m just so sick of hearing about
how hard your life is its all your talking about
you’re talking shit about home
from your life on the road
then you come back to complain that you’re all alone
all your problems are made by you
(all your problems are made by you)
if you’re happier staying out of this town
just move there and don’t come around


And if you think
We’re not sick of your shit
Don’t believe it
For one fucking minute
Get up Get out
Don’t ever come back
Get up get out
I don’t want to hear it
Track Name: ???
in the hours up to midnight
we went to where we used to go
in honor, in memory of our friend
one last time , before we all go

the snow, its been melting
the fireworks litter the sky
the voices are still heard from the backroom
where memories won’t die

this is our chance to say thank you
one more time to our friend
who was always there
singing it loud for all of us to hear

you will be missed
nothing will be the same
everything’s washed away
Track Name: Don't Rob The Bank, Rob The Guy Robbing The Bank
These walls are made of brick and they won’t burn
Anything to stick, I still can’t learn
How are these mistakes, following me up?
Until I’m just falling back down
Everything’s not gonna be so bad
Until it gets a little bit worse
I could never see what I had
Looking to the past is a dead curse

I’m making my stand
To say never again
I’m turning around
To show what I had

Everything just, seems so right
In the rearview mirror staring back at life
Second chances, don’t come around
Make a a choice or stand your ground
Follow through, or get away
Fuck tomorrow, live for today
There are places, waiting to be seen
Why wait? This is what you need

We’re making a stand
To say never again
We’re turning around
To show what we have

My lessons learned, I can’t trade
I can’t lose them, and they won’t fade
My stories to tell, my tales to write
They’re the things that get me through the night
You get one chance, you get one life
To make it count and feel alive
Track Name: Empty Calories and Male Curiosity
My ears are ringing, my voice is giving out
Feeling something I haven’t felt in months
We’re loading up
The van is rolling out
I never though I’d miss this place so much
Can we sing along
With songs we’ve never hear before
Can we make this all mean more
With all our friends
shouting in unison
Can we make this all mean more

Six months ago
I felt like giving up
Heart was broken, all alone
The band broke up
Make something out of nothing
I won’t justy let it be
Am I a part of this
Or is this a part of me?

Its all we’ve got to show
It’s all we’ve ever known

Its all built from the ground up
What happens form here is all on us
Track Name: Jaws 8: Mr. Holland's Opus
I’ve been trying for
Every single day
Just pushing along
Trying to show what I made
Another reason to wake
Another reason to work
But I feel like it
Always goes unheard

(Am I awake?)
did I drive all night to end up here?
(Am I alone?)
do you understand we can’t walk away
(Am I awake?)
nobody’s left, nobody’s home
we’re all in this together,
we’re all alone

As I work now
I see friends go by
Moving on to the next stage
of their lives
I’ve been holding on
And fighting through
But if it ended now
There’d still be work to do

Its all been, for right now
Track Name: The Interns
I’ve been living a double life
What I present, and who I am inside
Been divided against myself
What is real, and what’s said to everyone else
What’s professional, and what’s expected
And what’s the most honest fucking thing I can say
I didn’t come this far, and give that up,
just to walk away

I’m not gonna lie to you
This is how I really feel
And I’m not gonna lie to you
We can’t hide that this is real
I’m taking a stand, I’m making a point
That we can’t live life like this
I’ll calling to arms, I’m making a choice
That you can’t kill what’s missed

I’ve been living an honest lie
Hunting for things I’ll never find
I walked in to your world
And still never felt right
I see honesty and chasing dreams
I can’t find that in myself
I’ve got other plans, and other dreams
I don’t feel like everyone else
Track Name: There's Always Money In The Banana Stand
Well I’m trying just to get it out
And I’m trying so hard to write it all down
I’m trying to be honest with myself
I know that you’ll be around
And I’ll try to see you next time you’re in town
Next time we won’t back down

I’ll be honest through and through
My words won’t interfere
I’ve learned it from before
Next time I’ll be so sincere
I won’t block my own shot
And I won’t wait ‘til next year

I will be different
I will change